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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active User Guide Manual PDF


Samsung Galaxy S8 Active User Guide Manual PDF

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active User Guide PDF
Samsung Galaxy S8 Active User Guide Manual PDF - Welcome to artfromburma.com/here is the file Samsung Galaxy S8 Active User Guide in PDF version. Read and download Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Manual PDF the new Galaxy S series model Galaxy S8 SM-G892A. User this user manual or User Guide to set up your new device by the official guide and how to it use in the best settings in tutorial.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active User Guide Manual PDF

Samsung released the Galaxy S8 and S8+ and become best Android phones. Now the Official Samsung phones give the new Samsung Galaxy S8 Active to give more features to adventures and millitary design to keep this phone ready to use in extrem sessions. With the new screen smash safe that it needs bended edges, despite everything S8 Active involves the majority of the front side. That is likely why Samsung names it as an Infinity edge specify is to some degree unusual there. The screen is a 5.8-inch Super AMOLED show with 2K determination, secured by Gorilla Glass 5 glass.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

New Samsung Galaxy S8 Active better in IP68 water resistant and clean assurance, safe with MIL-STD-810G certification. The Army certification is the power of this phone, fast, strong and ready everywhere and anywhere.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Features

The new Samsung phones it Galaxy S8 Active is the most popular beside the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and 4GB of RAM will be powering the S8 Active, and a beefy 4,000 mAh battery is a big jump up from the S8’s 3,000 mAh unit.

Galaxy S8 Active features with the, Active series, this version of the S8 is built to last. The feature a different design, complete with metal and plastic back, and a flat screen on the front. In addition to the rugged design that we saw with previous hands-on images, the S8 Active will also come equipped with a, shatter resistant display inovation, IP68 dust/water resistance, and a Mil-Spec body to better-withstand drops and falls.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Specs

The S8 Active spec dimensions measure in at 5.99 x 2.95 x .39-inches with a weight of 7.34-ounces. For comparison, the regular S8 has measurements of 5.86 x 2.68 x 0.31-inches and weighs 5.47-ounces. Other specifications for the phone include a 12MP rear and 8MP front camera (both with f/1.7 aperture), Bluetooth 5.1, wireless charging support, and Android 7.0 Nougat. We now know all of the specifications that the device will be outfitted you can wait it until eventually launch.

The Galaxy S8 reach world selling much better than its predecessor, Samsung said recently, and the company is not done releasing new models. In the past weeks, Samsung unveiled pink and blue versions of the handset, but those don’t bring any new features aside from the new colors. Samsung, however, seems close to launching a brand new Galaxy S8 version.

Samsung S8 Active Release Date

There’s still no word as to when the Galaxy S8 Active will be released, but when it does, it will likely be an exclusive to AT&T similar to past entries in this series. If Comcast buys Verizon, we should all give up and go home.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Active User Manual

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active User Guide

This manual will help in the setup of your Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, check out Samsung Galaxy S8 Active user guide and download in PDF file. Let's unboxing and start using new smartphone, learn how to set up your phone for the first time, connect to the internet and more.

Before you turn the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active on the first time, please ensure fully chargered it's first and insert the SIM card as shown in the picture.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Active User Guide Manual PDF

Press the power button on the right-hand edge of the handset for a few seconds and you will see the screen illuminate as the handset starts to power up.
At any time during the setup you may see a SIM service pop-up on screen asking you to select your mobile network from a list. This is so that your handset configures with the correct settings to connect to mobile internet; tap on the correct network name and OK this, and it will disappear.

The first screen of the setup wizard proper asks you to Select your language. Choose your preferred language using the drop-down menu (English UK is the default option) and then tap Start. The next screen prompts you to connect to a wireless network. If you don't see any network names, check the switch at the top is on (showing green). If it isn't, tap it to turn it on. In the list of networks, tap on the name of the wireless network you wish to connect to. If you don't wish to connect to Wi-Fi at this ti, you can skip this by tapping Next.

When prompted, enter the password for the Wi-Fi network. This is usually shown on a sticker on your router, and may be referred to as a WEP key, WPA key or wireless passphrase. Passwords are case-sensitive, and you can check your typing by tapping the Show password box. When you're ready to proceed, tap Connect.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active User Manual

Once the screen shows you've connected, you will be able to see a Wi-Fi symbol on the top line of the display next to the signal bars. The signal strength may vary, so not all the curved bars may be lit up, but as long as the symbol is there you're connected. Tap Next to continue. If you want to use the handset you will have to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Tick the box to allow your Galaxy S8 Active to send diagnostic data to Samsung if you wish, then tap Next.You'll then be asked whether you have another device you'd like to copy content from. This is done by using NFC (Near Field Communication) but not all Android handsets are NFC equipped. To explore this, tap to Copy Google accounts or to skip this for now tap No, thanks, then tap Next. On the next page you will be asked whether you already have a Google account.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Manual

As the Galaxy S8 Active is an Android handset, having a Google account unlocks some great features of the phone. Without one you can't browse the Play Store or sync your contacts to your Google email address, for starters! If you have a Google account already, enter the gmail address in the space provided and tap Next. If you haven't already got a Google account, scroll down and tap Create a new account to set up a Google account for free. If you're signing in, enter your password then tap Next. If you are creating a new account, complete the form to set up your new Google account.

To continue, you must agree to the Terms of Service (tap any link to inspect the details) and when you're ready to continue, tap Accept. Next is about background services your Google account can perform. The options are all ticked by default, so if you wish to opt out of any service here untick the box. The first section is allows the Galaxy S8 Active to Back up to your Google account which is extremely useful when it comes to upgrading or replacing a lost or damaged handset, and therefore something we would recommend. Tap the down arrow to see the other options.

Galaxy S8 Active Settings

Your location settings Galaxy S8 Active help improve internet search results, and navigation apps will work better. The final option allows the Galaxy S8 Active to send back anonymous information to Google. Untick any of these if you wish to opt out of that service, and when you're ready to proceed tap Next. The Play Store offers much more than just free apps, including paid-for apps, music to purchase and videos to rent or buy. To do this, you need a payment method linked to your Google account, although you won't be charged anything until you actually make a purchase. Tap your chosen billing option, or select No, thanks to skip this for now, then tap Next. If you're adding billing information or payment details, you will need to enter this when prompted.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Instruction Manual

You will then be invited to add another email address. We cover setting up other email accounts in a separate chapter, so we'd suggest skipping past this for now by tapping Not now then Next. The Protect your phone screen gives you information about keeping your device, and more importantly your accounts and data safe and secure, which we would always recommend. Choose to set up fingerprint unlocking, iris unlocking, a regular PIN, pattern or password lock screen, or to skip this by choosing No, thank you then tapping Next. We cover the security setup later in this guide, so for now we'll choose No, thank you.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Manual User Guide
Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Manual User Guide

You will then be asked about using a Samsung account. This is optional, but without one you won't be able to update your phone to new versions of the operating system amongst other things, so we would recommend setting this up. If you've set this up on a previous Samsung handset, tap Sign in and do so with your Samsung account details. Otherwise, tap the down arrow.
If you're new to Samsung, you can tap Create account to set one up for free by completing the form to sign up for the service. If you are skipping the Samsung account sign-in, you will need to tap Skip on the confirmation screen to proceed.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Tutorial

The Galaxy S8 Active will ask you about transferring content from an old device, using a USB lead and the supplied USB/MicroUSB connector. This uses Samsung Smart Switch to transfer information from old Android phones and also Apple iPhones too. To start this transfer, connect your old phone as shown onscreen. To skip this, choose No, thank you and tap Skip.

Selecting the content size will change the size of your icons and menus on the Galaxy S8 Active. Choose large if you prefer to have bigger icons, or small if you want to fit as much on your screen as possible. Tap next when you're ready to continue. The Galaxy S8 Active can give you weather forecasts based on your location, and needs your permission to do so. If you want weather reports, tick the boxes and tap next.

Secure folder is Samsung's way of helping you maintain a good work-life balance by creating a separate business-focused area on your handset specifically for important apps and data. To set this up make sure the blue switch is set to on, then tap Finish. The icon on the front screen that you will probably use most of all is the Apps icon. This gives you access to all the apps on your new phone, as well as the settings menus. It looks like a grid of small squares, and is in the bottom right-hand corner of the home screen.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Manual PDF

Here is the link to download Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Manual PDF the User Guide from the manufacture provide in many languages that you can choose same as your country language and matched with your phone models. Keep with us to get our guide in the tutorial plus tips and tricks to resolve problems.