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Galaxy Note 9 Tutorial How to Use Iris Scanner


Galaxy Note 9 Tutorial How to Use Iris Scanner

Galaxy Note 9 Tutorial How to Use Iris Scanner - User iris Note 9 to lock and get an advantages security for your new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Learn how to set up and explore the Note 9 secret features with our tutorial tips and tricks.

Galaxy Note 9 Tutorial How to Use Iris Scanner

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Use your eyes to unlock Galaxy Note 9, this tutorial will teach you how to register Note 9 iris scanner, verified, and how to use.

Galaxy Note 9 Tutorial

Use Samsung Galaxy Note 9 secret features to secure your new device. You can unlock Note 9 by set a pattern, PIN, password, Fingerprint scanner and use iris scanner . For best Note 9 settings, perform the set up right way and follow this tutorial tips and tricks

Galaxy Note 9 tips for iris scanner:

1. Do the Note 9 set up process inside your home or indoors
2. Remove your glasses or may you had contact lenses please remove it first.

How to Register iris on Note 9
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Manually to register iris in Samsung phone (Note 9, Note8, S9, S9+, S8) follow these step:

1. Wake up Note 9 and access Apps.
2. Open the Settings go to Lock screen and security then tah Iris scanner.
3. Follow the instruction to register iris or eyes.
4. After finished you can use more Note 9 hidden features.

How to Verified Iris Scanner

Iris verification is secure for your security it's different with face recognitions.
Iris Note 9 can be used to access more features in your device, here's how:

Tap Settings > Lock screen and security > Iris scanner

There are Note 9 secret features you can useby choose the following option:

1. Remove iris data it can be to delete existing irises.

2. Preview screen mask: Choose a mask to display when using the iris scanner.

3. Samsung Pass: Use your irises to verify your identity using Internet and other supported apps.

4. Samsung Pay: Use your irises to make payments quickly and securely.

5. Iris unlock features to enable unlock Note9 using your eyes.

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