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Samsung Galaxy Note9 User Manual PDF


Samsung Galaxy Note9 User Manual PDF

Samsung Galaxy Note9 User Manual PDF - Get the link to download Samsung Galaxy Note 9 User Manual PDF then learn how to setup and settings the right way with our Galaxy Note 9 tutorial tips and tricks in a complete guide here.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 User Manual PDF

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You may had read Samsung Salaxy S9 user manual before. The latest Galaxy Note series is Galaxy Note 9. Samsung released Note 8 August 23, 2017 and we guest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date August 23, 2018.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 specs new Qualcomm Chipset and or Exynos 9810, ‎6 GB RAM, ‎64 GB internal storage, 16 MP camera features 6.0-inch display with a screen resolution of 1080 x 2048 pixels and runs on Android P for Galaxy S10 maybe, and some web get Nougat version.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features

Latest Bixby 2 for Note 9 features S Pen with improved version. This improved S pen support the water resistance IP68 and many capable note features as it smooth sealed by Rubber and Silicon.

The new Note 9 S Pen performance enhancement, you can write notes like use a real pen more sensitive with it can recognize writing pressure from 2048 to 4096 and reduced the S Pen nibs diameter to 0.7 mm.

How to Write a Notes with Galaxy Note 9

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You can easy to create notes using new S Pen Note 9 with Samsung Notes app but still carefully use with the nibs in our tips because some times you need replacement. To write a notes follow this Galaxy Note 9 tutorial:

1. Take out your S Pen from Galaxy Note 9, from Home screen, swipe up to access Notes Apps.

2. Choose Samsung folder then you tap Samsung Notes.

3. Tap Create and type a note, and there are 5 options :
  1. Text this option to use Samsung keyboard to type text.
  2. Pen if you choose it you can use your finger or the stylus pen to write text.
  3. Brush it choose for the best drawing pen mode.
  4. Image is an option to insert any picture into the note.
  5. Voice with this features you can use your voice to insert text into the note (just speak to write test) .
4. Tap Save when finished.

How to Edit Notes on Galaxy Note 9

You can edits your notes that you create by follow this step:
1. Open Samsung Note Apps.
2. Open your saved Notes in your document folder or you can browse it:
  • Browse your note entries by swiping up or down.
  • To search your saved note, tap Search.
4. Tap the content to edit your notes.
5. Just Save after finished.

Galaxy Note 9 Advanced Settings

You can open the Advanced features to get more settings with Note 9 S Pen, here's how:

Manually tap Settings than choose Advanced features , choose S Pen to configure advantages settings for Air view, Air view,Direct pen input,Pointer, and Screen off memo.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 User Manual PDF

Download Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Manual PDF to read more settings and learn to mastering Note 9 by read the Galaxy Note 9 user guide manual or instruction.

Here the link Samsung Galaxy Note 9 User Manual PDF file to download for English version. (update next when note 9 release date)